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Advertising Trends To Watch Out For In 2013

Advertising Trends

Just as fashion trends change every season, making way for new and fresh designs, advertising trends go through the same process, with newer trends being opted for every year. Some of the trends that have showed effectiveness and will continue to make their presence felt, this year include:

Native advertising
This kind of advertising makes an advertisement and regular content seem indistinguishable. Promoted tweets, Facebook updates are a part of native advertising, which is catching up amongst various marketers. Its increased usage can be contributed to the fact that the audience wants to read content that is not only useful, but engaging and interesting as well.
Mobile Advertising
Niche Marketing
Gone are the days when a massive amount was spent on advertising to target the masses. Advertisers and marketers are now targeting specific sections of the audience. Be it working mothers, or college going students, advertisers are building strategies, which are aimed only towards their target audience.

Activity based advertisement
This type of advertising makes an individual take action towards a particular brand because their friend or acquaintances have done the same. It makes sense, as one is more likely to interact or like a brand if he finds out his friend is doing the same. This is a relief from the advertisements popping up on every window, linking you to a new page.

Mobile Marketing
Any advertising strategy is incomplete without incorporating mobile marketing in it. More so because of the inundation of the market with Smartphone users, who are always online through their phones. However, marketers need to be cautious to place appropriate ads, which complements the screen size of the phones, and does not obstruct the user’s surfing habits.

Constant contact and time sensitive advertising
This year will see the right message sent across to the audience at the right time. Certain news or updates need to reach the user at the earliest, and this what the marketers are constantly working towards, giving their users time sensitive news.

These are some of the trends that will be all over the place this year. Do you know of any trend which has not been covered in this list?

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