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Write, Like You Can See Your Story

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Winning that game brought a glow to her face, like the moon at twilight. His dark skin and off-white teeth reminded me of an old wooden bookshelf, stacked with books from the 50’s. Eating food at home after ages is like having the red cherry on a black forest pastry. During exams, time runs fast…much […]

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7 Things That Budding Writers of Today FAIL to Understand

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“Fresh outta’ College with a cool Degree, There ain’t Nobody gonna’ be Stoppin’ me” We’re in the midst of the 21st century, where lights are brighter and dreams are bigger. The world as we know it, looks nothing like it did in the ’90s. Not even close. Cars are faster, phones are smarter, windows are […]

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The Last Month’s Resolution For Every Writer

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Here we are, in the last month of December – that much awaited time of the year. There is so much that everyone looks forward to – holidays, weddings, family reunions, Christmas celebrations, the New Year’s Eve party, and a wait for the brand new year ahead. Millions of random thoughts flow through our minds […]

The Best Travelogue

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Travelogues can take you around the world without a passport. Travel writing is not just documenting the sights and sceneries, it is beyond that. It is about telling a story which transports the reader into the author’s world. Read the top five travelogue tips below, to help you pen down the best travelogue. 1. Research […]

Everything Begins With A Single Idea


Writing all week long, this weekend I decided to take a break from writing. Instead, I browsed the internet cautiously to find some spiritual blogs for a quick dose of healing, to uplift my mood. Selecting a philosophical one from the tedious list of self-help articles, I happened to notice a quote of the day […]

A Vast Unlimited Market – Social Media

Social Media Marketing

They say that change is the only constant. We live in a world where we are constantly monitored; rather, we let our activities be monitored by others. The Internet has created a new world and the social network is where all the ‘netizens’ spend most of their time. Economics defines a market, where buyers meet […]

The Art Of Film Reviewing

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A few years back, one of our professors introduced us to the world of ‘cinema’ with just one sentence. He said, “We Indians love two things to the core. One is MA – our mother; and the other is CineMA.” While critically analyzing a mother’s love and appreciating the same may seem impossible, one can […]

Effective Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Once a friend of mine asked me, “You’re a student of English literature, right? Can you help me with some writing tips?” I want to write blogs, but I can’t write like you writers. To this, I replied, “Dude, you need not be a Shakespeare to write something. All you need is the right words […]

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Haste makes waste!

Blogging tips

Two months ago, I had hired the services of a gym instructor. She made me run almost five laps of my colony compound every single day. I faced a problem. I could not keep a consistent pace and would suddenly stop in the middle only to start running again at top speed. She saw this […]

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How to write Controversial News Articles with Care?

Whenever news of controversial nature is heard of, it goes rife in many news columns and web-portals instantly. These news articles may be a combination of some facts and some information from the grapevine arena.

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