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Creativity VS Client. Where Is Freedom?


Let me wander in to the woods,
where there seems no end.
Let me travel across the world, while holding my pen
Let me drown in the sorrows of a distressed soul.
Let me be a symphony of a broken love.
Let me dance to the smile of the morning sun.
Let me crawl beneath the dark clouds, holding my son.
Let me suffer. Let me burn.
The fear that holds me down to earth.
Let me fly, for I know I can.
The passion is what drives a man.
Let me wipe the pain and draw a rainbow
Whose colors fill hope in a lonely widow.
Let me be as I am and do what I can.
I may not change the unknown but I can depend on my own.
Let me write my own destiny.

client feedbackFreedom? Well, that’s a long story. We are no more free, at least those who belong to the artistic fraternity. Assignments, disagreements, revisions, changes and client feedback have ruined our creative masterpieces that are dear to us. Of course, we are not against revising our creations, but isn’t writing all about being unique and embracing the flaws that distinguish us?

Well, I personally believe that we all are artists by birth. While some of us choose the pen, others choose their emotions, thoughts and actions to paint the world in their own unique way. So steer away from conformity and have an opinion about things that matters to you.

Creativity is an inborn trait which some of us put into good use. The next time instead of seeking approvals for everything, stand up for your creations. And voice your opinion.

woman writing

Robert Green Ingersoll sums up what I’ve been trying to say all this while, albeit in a better way. “What light is to the eyes – what air is to the lungs – what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man”.



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