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Writing Right For A Cause

Writing Right For A Cause

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fire in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” Patrick Rothfuss

Internet has always been the best and fastest mode of communication. However, today the internet is also considered as a haven for social reformers, revolutionist and people with a noble cause. With the increase in the number of people growing sensitive towards social causes and a vast majority of them being internet users, the internet is considered as the best place to promote social causes. However, writing something and posting it on the internet is not enough to make a change, there is a certain conduct one has to keep in mind, while writing for a social causes. Here are some tips that will help you write a social cause blog.
Writing Right For A Cause1Feel For It– Remember the lectures no one attended in college because the professors were boring? Blogs written without feelings and dedication are almost like them, nobody seems to be interested in them. When you write a social cause blog, it is not the words that stand out, it is the feeling and dedication that does. So, if you do not feel passionately for a cause, do not experiment, it will fall flat.

Set An Example– Would you follow a national leader or social reformer, if they only preached and not followed what they said? Obviously, not! People will surely not be interested in supporting a cause the promoter does not follow himself. If you want people to participate in a cause, first participate in it yourself. Set an example yourself. Tell them what you do for the cause and how can they participate in it, only then will people be interested in supporting your cause.

State Facts– If you are setting up an organisation or writing to promote a cause, ensure you state facts. Possessing half knowledge about something you want people to pursue can not only be lethal for you, in the long run, but also shows your lack of dedication towards it. So one rather state facts than make up statements that cannot be authenticated.

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