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Trick’r Treat : Google

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Google always has some tricks up its sleeve. It is the ‘Numero Uno’ search engine, for many reasons. In its pursuit to keep all users happy, Google keeps on innovating things. The Google doodle was a pleasant addition to the search engine. Google tricks goes a step ahead than the doodle, and offers an entertaining interactive platform for users to take a break from their busy schedule and have some fun.

The Google homepage is visited by millions of people around the globe everyday. Google decided to get cute and added some tricks to their page. These tricks are much more than doodles, as they follow the same theme throughout the search results as well. Following are a few tricks which you can try out, and be really entertained.

Google Gravity: This trick is on the lines of Newton’s law of gravity. The Google page will be turned into a zero gravity zone. See the text fall onto the bottom of your screen, when using this trick.
URL- http://elgoog.im/gravity/

Google Pacman: Revisit you childhood with Google’s Pacman trick. This was also a Google doodle for a while. This Google trick allows you to view the page as Pacman’s abode. You can also play the game and enjoy being Pacman.
URL- http://elgoog.im/pacman/

Google Mirror: Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by the concept of mirror writing. He wrote loads of stuff in this code. This trick provides you with the mirror image of your regular Google search page.
URL- http://elgoog.im/

Google UnderwaterGoogle Underwater: Do you love rivers and oceans? Want to see your Google homepage submerged underwater? Then dive in and try this one. Watch Google drown itself amidst various aquatic beings.
URL- http://elgoog.im/underwater/

Google Terminal: This trick is a blast from the past. It gives a retro look to your screen. If Google existed in the mid- 1980’s, then it would probably look something like this.
URL- http://elgoog.im/terminal/

Try these and many more Google Tricks, for pure unadulterated fun!


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