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Advice For The First Job


This is it. You have completed many years of education, have the college degree to prove it and are waiting to enter the big fun world of employment. There is a sense of independence attached with your first job because when the month ends, you will be getting you first salary and leave behind the days when you had to depend on pocket money from your parents. Being a little nervous in such a situation is natural; if you are not nervous, then there might be a problem. Here are some useful advice that can help you calm your nerves : before, during and after your first day at your new office.

Before – Get a good night’s sleep before the big day. You don’t want to be droopy eyed for your first day at work. Have a healthy breakfast which will give you energy for more that a few hours, as you cannot be sure about the exact lunch timings. Make sure that you have the right attire, if you are not aware about the dress code, then confirm it with the Human Resource department whether it is formal, semi-formal or casual. Visit the website of the new company and keep in mind their key policies. Be confident; you have been chosen because you are right for the job, so don’t let negative thoughts bother you. Punctuality is a necessary trait, so be on time.
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During – Think positive and greet people with a genuine smile. You will be interacting with a lot of people who are new to you, similarly you are also a new face for the rest of them. Be attentive and listen carefully to the instructions given to you during your induction into the new company. Don’t shy away from asking questions if you haven’t understood something. Half knowledge is quite hazardous. Remember that you are there to learn things, no matter how talented or knowledgeable you are, be humble. It is important to maintain the right balance in your behaviour. If you have a very bubbly personality, then try to be peaceful and serene. If you are a shy person, then speak up a little; maintain the apt balance. You need to project the right image as a new employee, but don’t be fake. Once you have your tasks assigned for the day, prioritize your work and prepare a schedule so that you can finish your work efficiently and on time.

After – Man is a social animal. You are bound to interact with few colleagues as you spend more time at your workplace. Share the experiences of your first day at work with your family and friends. Before you go to sleep, rewind the day in your head. Try remembering faces and names. See if you can find any mistakes that you made, and work on rectifying them in the coming days.

Here’s wishing you ‘All the very best!’

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