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Dissimilarity Between Samsung S4 and iPhone 5

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We live in a world that is full of people using Smartphones to save their time and energy. Smartphones are just not mere phones used to connect with people. They are phones that make life easy with their add-on features like instant connect, video calling, email, social media, games, news, entertainment etc. Among all the Smartphone manufacturing companies, Samsung and Apple are the leading ones. Apple and Samsung are infamous to produce Smartphones with almost inter- matching features most of the time. The newest products to hit the stands by these companies are Samsung S4 and iPhone5. Here are some dissimilarities between the two.

Length– With iPhone 5 measuring around 59mm in length and Samsung S5 measuring around 70mm, Samsung is slightly bigger in size than Apple.

Material– The outer cover of Samsung S4 is made out of plastic, while the outer cover of iPhone 5 is made of anodised aluminium which gives iPhone 5 a slightly more elegant and crisp look than Samsung S4. Also, Samsung S4 is slightly heavier as compared to iPhone 5, which gives iPhone 5 an edge over Samsung S4 in looks and weight.Samsung and iPhone

Processor and RAM– Samsung S4 has a 2GB RAM and works on Exynos Octa core 1.6GHz and Qualcomm quad core 1.9GHz. These processors are CPU-friendly, unlike Apple A6 dual core 1.3GHz. Also, Apple gives its users the privilege of a smaller RAM that measures only 1GB as compared to Samsung’s 2GB RAM. However, both phones offer storage memory that is expandable to 64GB.

Battery Life– Samsung S4 on papers, offer a higher battery life of 2,600mAh as compared to 1,440mAh offered by iPhone 5, which again gives Samsung an upper-hand over Apple.

Camera– Another place where Samsung S4 beats iPhone 5 is in the realms of camera. Samsung S4 offers 13MP rear and 2MP front for its cameras while iPhone 5 offers 8Mp rear and 1.2MP front.

Both being cellular giants, they are special in their own way. So, take your pick, go for Samsung S4 or iPhone5.

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