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Fête de la Musique

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“Music Speaks What Cannot Be Expressed,
Soothes The Mind And Gives It Rest,
Heals The Heart And Makes It Whole
Flows From Heaven To The Soul”

21st June – Do you know what’s so special about this day?

It’s the World Music Day.
A day dedicated entirely to music all across the globe. Musicians come together in parks, museums and other public places to perform live, for no charge. This is an attempt to spread happiness and peace. It is celebrated in many countries like Argentina, Australia, Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, China, India, Lebanon, etc…

The Story Behind This Day
In the year 1981, the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, got a brilliant idea. He thought that we should celebrate music and dedicate an entire day to music. He thought this would be a great way to spread happiness, joy and peace everywhere. He instantly worked on the idea; and in 1982, people in France started celebrating this festival on a wider scale. To date, 21st June is celebrated as World Music Day all across the globe, in order to unite the world through music.

The Theory Behind This Day
An American musician named Joel Cohen, was on his scholarship to study music in Paris, and belonged to the Boston Camerata fame. He proposed an idea to mark the beginning of the summer solstice in 1976. The idea was to dedicate an entire day to music and celebrate music. This would encourage the arts, and motivate all amateur and professional musicians, all around the globe.

The Fête de la Musique in Paris, laid two conditions to celebrate this day:
1. All musicians and performers should dedicate their time and play music, for free.
2. All the concerts and gigs conducted to celebrate World Music Day, should be free of cost for the public.

The slogan ‘Faites de la musique‘ (i.e. Make music), a homophone of Fête de la Musique is used to promote amateur and professional musicians. They are expected to perform on the streets and in public places, free of charge. Many famous bands conduct free gigs in lounges and bars, on this day.

The whole idea behind celebrating this day, is to make music and spread the love of music to one and all. The founders of this day shared one common idea; and that was, to encourage people who love music to make more music. Also, they wanted to shed light on music across the globe. They hoped to create World harmony through beautiful music, and get people from different origins, closer than ever before.

“Some songs are like hugs, you need them to calm you down.”

small image musicMusic holds the power to touch our souls and can take us through a roller-coaster ride of nostalgia. It is true that, each and every song has a memory attached to it. No matter the number of times we listen to a song, the memory always remains fresh. Party with friends, a romantic date, or just some simple ‘ME Time’ – music is available for all moods. There are a number of musical instruments, right from ancient to exotic ones. Each one has the power to influence our lives, to a great extent. Music is an art that we can pursue at any age and at any hour of the day. It needs practice and dedication. But once mastered, it becomes a part of our soul and being.

Go out there right away, if you plan to learn music, and play it, for yourself or for others. If you simply love to listen to music, then explore new genres and appreciate all kinds of music.

Music is life!

Breathe music. Music is a reflection of our emotions. If you listen carefully, you will realize that music is everywhere.

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