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Ghostwriting – Determine Your Client’s Voice


Being a ghostwriter is being numerous personalities at the same time. You have to write keeping in mind specific aspects of different clients, ensuring that you sound like them throughout the article/blog. While some writers switch from one voice to another with great ease, others find it challenging to do justice to each of their clients. So, here are a few ways through which you can continue working on different projects, without compromising or losing the voice of the client.

Do Substantial Homework
Homework includes reading published written works of your client. If you have to write website content, go through their existing content, blogs, brochures etc. and analyse their tone of writing. Examine the company history, as you may come across certain core values, which you can later inculcate in your writing. If the existing written material is not available or not up to the mark, you can have a conference call or personal meeting with the client, paying attention to everything he/she has to say.
Ask Questions, Clear All Doubts
After getting the brief and understanding what the client wants, note down a list of questions as and when you think of. Having a personal questionnaire which is comprehensive and includes general queries is also a wise option. Furthermore, ask for an outline or references, which will give you a vague idea on what exactly is expected from you.

Be Open To Feedback
Be ready to make changes, without throwing a fit. A good plan to follow is sending a couple of content pages written by you, to the client to evaluate and review it. The changes, if required will be brought to your notice, and you can proceed with the rest of the project. Also, let the client know that you are open to feedback, and will be more than happy to make changes if needed.

Amid finding the voice of your client, don’t forget to incorporate your personal writing style to it as well. After all ghostwriting is all about combining the client’s and your voice to make it unique.

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