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Ole! Ole! Ole! – 10 Things About The 2014 FIFA World Cup You Probably Didn’t Know


As I was heading home from work one evening, I couldn’t help but overhear a loud conversation between two over enthusiastic, middle aged men in the local train.

Man 1: “Hey man, heard your sister got engaged to that businessman friend of yours! How was the ceremony?”
Man 2: “Uh… It was pretty good… I guess!”
Man 1: ”What do you mean by ‘I guess!’? Did something happen?”
Man 2: “Actually, I couldn’t make it to the ceremony, so I don’t really know…”
Man 1: “What?! You couldn’t make it to your sister’s engagement ceremony? But why?”
Man 2: “Because, I was watching the Brazil vs. Chile semi-final match ‘Live’ in office!”

Such is the magic of the FIFA World Cup, currently being contested in none other than the land of sun, sand and joy – Brazil.

Working in an office filled with football enthusiasts, I am regularly filled with the latest ‘gyaan’ about the ongoings at the world cup. However, being a football fan myself, I have my own knowledge to share too!

I learned a plethora of new things over the past couple of days – matches, facts, trivia and statistics to say the least. Some of these really caught my attention and made me think about the other side of the FIFA World Cup:

This is the second time, the World Cup is being hosted in Brazil
Vamos BrazilThe 2018 and 2022 World Cups will be hosted in Russia and Qatar respectively. (Courtesy: news.com)

This year’s World Cup is the first ever to feature ‘Goal Line Technology’
Goal LineTaking a lesson from Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal against Germany at the 2010 World Cup, this surely, is a welcome move from FIFA. (Courtesy: Todayonline)

The first kick of the ball this year was taken by a paraplegic teenager
Juliano29 year old Juliano Pinto successfully made the kick at the Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo. (Courtesy: verdesmares)

This year’s World Cup is the most expensive ever
CeremonyThat’s right. Current costs stand anywhere between 14-16 Billion US Dollars! (Courtesy: Onsugar)

The Official World Cup Anthem is ‘Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)’ featuring Avicii, Carlos Santana, Alexandre Pires and Wyclef Jean
Here We Go!For those who thought the Pitbull song ‘We Are One’ was the official anthem, understand that the song is the official ‘song’ and not the official ‘anthem’. (Courtesy: josepvinaixa)

Players displaying messages under their football shirts will be banned!
Why always him?After Mario Balotelli asked the ‘all important’ question, we guess FIFA decided to take the ‘no questions asked’ route this time! (Courtesy: Toxicfox)

The Adidas Brazuca is the first World Cup match ball which had its name chosen by fans!
BrazucaIts design resembles the straps from the city of Bahia in Brazil and is a visual representation of faith and happiness! (Courtesy: WallwideHD)

The vanishing spray is being used for the first time in a World Cup
The disappearing actThe spray which appears as a white line or spot, disappears automatically after a minute. (Courtesy: straitstimes)

The Brazil team is the most expensive one in this year’s tournament
Brazil squadIts market value is 507,8 million euros and is quickly followed by Spain and Argentina respectively. (Courtesy: Newstag)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Champion will be awarded with 35 Million US Dollars!
WinnersThe amount is higher than the 31 million won by Spain in the 2010 World Cup. (Courtesy: Melty.fr)

The World Cup has given us so much to cherish and in some way or the other, has united us together through the spirit of the sport. We sign off by saying ‘Keep Calm and Enjoy the World Cup’. Because, you know you will not be able to witness this grand spectacle for the next 4 years!

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