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Online Bullying: An Issue Which Needs Immediate Attention

Cyber Bullying

Teenage years bring with it a whole new bunch of feelings and emotions, some of which are so complex that not everyone can deal with it. This result in outbursts aimed at hurting fellow teenagers, for their personal happiness and satisfaction. Online bullying or cyberbullying is one such issue, which has affected a majority of teenagers at some point in their teenage years. Cyberbullying is a term, which includes utilizing the technology to threaten, embarrass, target or harass another person.

There have been plenty of cases involving teenagers posting rude posts, mean tweets, photos and videos, meant to deliberately hurt someone’s emotions. While there are some people at the receiving end who deal with it tactfully, the others end up becoming innocent victims of cyberbullying. It might also lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide in the harshest cases. Some alarming statistics about cyberbullying state:Cyberbullying- small image

− Nearly half of the teens have either been bullied online, or have engaged in it to bully someone else.
− Half of these people do not inform their parents about the online threats or harassment they have been going through.
− The chances of victims of cyberbulling having low self esteem are high, and so are the chances of them considering suicide.
− Spreading rumours and posting hurtful comments are the most common ways through which cyberbullying is done.

What is it that makes these teenagers vent out their emotions in such an unpleasant way? Though some engage in it for plain fun, there are others with deeper issues like family conflict, drug or alcohol abuse, no parental supervision, hostility etc.

Cyberbullying is as grave an issue as eve-teasing. People at the receiving end are innocent who are made to suffer for no particular reason. Doing your bit like refusing to pass cyberbullying messages, asking friends not to engage in such activities, can make a huge difference. Holding workshops and seminars for teenagers can also prove to be beneficial, informing them about how a simple joke can ruin another person’s confidence. Having fun online is cool, but not at someone else’s expense.

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