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What Your Desk Says About You

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We all know that actions speak louder than words, but do you know what speaks louder than actions? No, it’s not your 3rd floor Gujarati aunty that you have for a neighbour. It is your office desk. So the next time you are just whiling away time at work, walk around your office premises pretending to be thinking about something serious. While you do this, take a glance at all the desks around, including yours. You might come across at least one of these:

− The organized type
People that have a desk which is organized to the T, are a reliable and diligent bunch. A calendar on this desk is like an icing on the cake, implying that the person is always up-to-date with the latest happenings. These are people who plan their tasks and make sure that it is completed well ahead of time. Every office consists of at least one or two (or none) of such desks.

The messy type
If the people with an organized desk are reliable, the ones with a messy desk are creative and open minded. Don’t let the mess on their desk overwhelm you. They find comfort and inspiration from the very same mess that the organized bunch finds disgusting. Move on, let them find solace in their mess.
Office Desk

The one filled with inspirational posters
People filling their desk space with inspirational quotes and posters are crazy, well sort of. These posters help them in staying calm and focused. The posters are their way of conveying their feelings and values to their co-workers, apart from keeping them constantly motivated.

The one filled with personal photos
Don’t misunderstand that guy to be a mama’s boy for having photos with his mother and other family members all around his desk. It shows how well he handles his responsibilities outside the office world.

Additionally, there are other categories like the one with an open cubicle. It represents their extroverted and approachable nature. There are also the kind that loves having weird objects (stuffed toys/robots) on their desk. They are those imaginative souls who are good at their work, in their own unusual way. So which one of these categories do you belong to?

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