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Google+ Now Lets You Use GIFs for Profile Pics

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‘Mass murderer has escaped Azkaban’ this was the headline of the newspaper held by Harry Potter. The picture on the front page had moving images of Sirius Black behind bars. Google’s social networking site Google+ has incorporated the concept of moving images in their features. Google+ now allows its users to use GIF’s for profile pictures of the users. The social networking site is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter. This recent attempt might increase the popularity of the site.

Google+ announced the recent development with a post on their site, accompanied by links to a guide explaining ways to create a GIF. Animated Gif’s add another dimension to your profile picture. They are constantly in a loop and keep on repeating the movement. They are more interesting compared to the still images that people use as profile pictures.google plus

The other features of Google+ are as follows:

• Circles – The user can select contacts and place them in sections, which do not overlap with others. Users can categorize their contacts and place them in sections like friends, family, acquaintances etc. More sections can be created as well. The most striking feature of the circles is that, you can choose the content that you want to share with a particular group, without others getting notified about it.

• Hangouts – This feature allows the users to avail group video chat services. Other social networking sites also offer video chat facilities, but at an individual level. The hangout feature is extensively used by business executives to convene meetings online.

• Sparks – Sparks is an online sharing tool. Trending topics across the globe are featured here and users can share those topics in their circles. Once you have subscribed to your favourite links, you will be getting updates about the recent developments related to those links.

• Huddle – The huddle incorporates the group texting feature, which is also an integral part of social networking. The users can avail this service, once they download the Google +Plus Android App.

Google +Plus has taken cues from its rivals, while designing the features for their social networking site. They constantly keep on reinventing themselves; let us see if this new feature works for them.

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