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Should You Upgrade To AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?


Have you ever wondered how exactly advertisers market their products on the Google webpage? Well it’s through Google’s AdWords platform, a sophisticated and proficient system for all Pay Per Click (PPC) ads campaigns. Whether the site is used via a Smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer, these ads are marketed to Google’s many visitors on a daily basis. However, the planning of advertising campaigns to be released on so many devices isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, it requires the creation of a different ad campaign for each device! Talk about working over-time. However, by updating their AdWords with Enhanced Campaign features, Google efficiently solved this time-consuming problem. An impressive advantage for the paid search community, let’s focus on what this means for your business.

Well firstly, for the many advertisers utilizing this platform, it means an easier campaign set- up. With AdWords Enhanced Campaign, advertisers can set up a single campaign that is easily applicable across all devices, at any time of the day, location and other similar aspects. Merging tablet and desktop targeting, the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is said to be most beneficial for ad programs, conducted via cell-phones. By analyzing the ad campaign’s tracking success and focus on the target audience, you get to effortlessly keep check on amount of attention this campaign attracts to your business. In short, this enhanced version of Google’s AdWords offers businesses a greater chance at increasing their visibility with their ‘enhanced’ ad campaigns.
Furthermore, AdWords Enhanced Campaigns also introduce advertisers to vector-bidding. This means that advertisers will be able to include the maximum costs per click (CPCs) from their mobile ad campaigns as a percentage in the maximum CPC’s of desktop campaign. Adding to that, AdWords Enhanced Campaigns even provides you with graphs and statistics that effortlessly demonstrate the number of customers that have called, clicked and visited your website or even downloaded apps from it. A lot less work, don’t you agree?

But with the positives, there are a few downsides to Google’s latest development too. For instance, in the past, advertisers could create campaigns that targeted specific operating systems like Android or iOS, then build ad campaigns directed only for the tablet or Smartphone, as well as select specific keywords that are to be targeted for those devices. With AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, any ad campaign created will be marketed to all such devices, regardless of the advertiser’s choice in terms of device selection. Furthermore, the keywords you have targeted will be common amongst these devices as well as.

Thus, this specific disadvantage culminates to a slightly higher cost, which the advertiser has to ultimately pay. Despite this downfall however, remember this new AdWords offers quite a collection of advanced features that make advertising your business easier and smoother to handle. In fact, many ad campaigns are expected to be affected by AdWords Enhanced Campaigns by mid-2013. So pull up your socks and get creative because there is a whole new drawing board for creating your ad campaigns.

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