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The LinkedIn Search Gets Smarter


Widely used for searching jobs and gaining professional contacts, LinkedIn has established a long list of satisfied members over the years. Its services have such an impact on the professional world, that almost 5.7 billion people have used its services to fulfill their professional needs last year. Processing the results depending on the searches, LinkedIn provides relevant information by taking into account the professional status of the user and their network, of those using their services. Further strengthening its assets, LinkedIn introduced a new enhanced search that serves the needs of its members in a faster and smarter way.

The improved search algorithm features results from different categories under one roof depending on the search queries one enters. This means, one keyword insertion would display results from all the different LinkedIn segments that include jobs, people, company and groups in a single page. The new LinkedIn search is more streamlined and smarter than its former sibling. It offers the Auto-Complete feature, which prompts options even before you completely type your search. The prediction becomes accurate with the more searches you make. Apart from the prediction, the revamped search also offers suggestions, when you insert a search term. It would suggest people and jobs in relation to your search and would display a preview of the top results that is available in a click.Linkedin

LinkedIn’s new search is smarter than you think! Everytime you use the search, it learns and understands the purpose of your search and provides only relevant information, that may be useful to you. Although, the Auto-Complete feature of the LinkedIn search has gained immense admiration from its members, it is the advanced functions that have garnered maximum attention. The advanced search offers more focused results by filtering the existing information in terms of school, location, company and more. The new LinkedIn search also alerts the members as the results change when they save their searches.

The new advanced search is available to all and being customized, the user will only receive the results which are entered as per their requests. LinkedIn revealed that the upgradation of its search is to take into account the user, their connections and the extent to which their connections could help in fulfilling the requirements of the user. The new initiative of LinkedIn will bring forth quality information that would suffice the need of every user.

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