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This Spring Google Plans To Abandons Its Google Reader

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The end of Google Reader was inevitable. However, it is official now. Google is all set to halt the journey of its much loved and used service- the Google Reader. Google as a part of its ‘spring cleaning’ process has determined to put an end to Google reader and seven of its services this year. The last day of Google Reader on the online world will be July 1, 2013.

Launched in 2005, Google Reader is a content aggregation service, which has high recognition in terms of use much like the present Facebook. It collects feeds from various sites and distributes information as per the subscription criteria, laid down by the user. Google Reader collects information in the form of feeds from various sites, and users can simply subscribe or unsubscribe an existing feed in a single process. Offering its service for free, Google Reader has potentially cut down the risk of competitors in the news-aggregation business, since its initiation.
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Although the news of its end has set new hopes for other similar services like Newsblur and Feedly, it has distraught the lives of geeks and websites, which totally depend on Google Reader for their news-feeds. In spite of being active in the online world for more than 8 years, Google Reader failed to accelerate its speed, when it came to updating feeds. The deterioration of Google Reader can be linked to the failure of updates, lack of speed and outdated features. Google Reader was certainly one of the best in its class, it continued to exist surpassing the effect of time. However, failure to keep up with the changing time has prompted Google to kill the service for a legible reason.

Since its 2011 spring cleaning, Google has abandoned 70 services so far and the list is bound to grow with every cleaning phase. For its last spring cleaning, Google had abandoned iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Video and other services. This year we would be bidding good-bye to our very own Google Reader, Google Building Maker, Google Cloud Connect and other services that have failed to adapt to the changing computing environment. Current users can make most of the Google Reader till July 1 and die-hard fans of the same can continue to keep their data and subscriptions through Google’s Takeout tool. RIP: Google Reader, we loved your existence and would continue to be your fans till another similar service strikes us with amazement.

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