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Through The Looking GLASS


Have you seen the latest advertisement released by Google, for their Project GLASS campaign? Their recent recording showcases the amazing features of Glasses. For those who are familiar with Project GLASS, it is a futuristic electronic eye wear that Google has been developing for the past few years. In fact, last year was the first time a Glass prototype was showcased to the general public, and what a buzz that created! The company’s co-founder Sergey Brin declared, that Google Glass could easily outdo smart-phones. In the “How It Feels [through Glass]” video, the term ‘Project’ is dropped and many features of this wearable augmented reality computer were high- lighted.

A head-mounted device, the design of the Glass,’ imitates the framework of a pair of glasses. Keeping it very simple, Google Glass takes a huge leap for in the world of technology. With a half-inch display screen, this wireless equipment is voice operated and comes into focus once you look up and then to the right. Using bone conduction technology to generate sound, you can also distinctly hear everything that Google Glass tells you, without blocking the sounds of your surroundings.glasses12n-2-web

By first stating “ok glass”, you can say out loud simple commands like “Take A Picture”. It automatically activates the Glass to click a picture while you are on the go, even giving you the option of sharing it with others. The same goes for videos. With the Hangout feature, Google Glass allows you to talk to your friends no matter where you are or what you do. It lets you send messages, view phone contacts, time, temperature, even allowing you to easily browse the web for any kind of information. Basically, it is the tiny carry-on computer that tech-geeks have dreamed of for many years now.

Taking augmented reality to a whole new level, in February Google announced a #ifihadglass contest where 8000 people will get the chance to beta-test this advanced technology. All that is required is the submission of either a 50 word essay or a video on Google+, stating what you would do if you were wearing Google Glass. Originally targeted for a 2014 release, the company also announced that their enhanced eye wear will be available for consumers, by the end of this year.

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