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What To Expect from Panda & Penguin in 2013? – Part 1


As my phone blinks with different Application update messages all day long, I empathize with webmasters on how they feel with the many Google Panda and Penguin updates they keep receiving regularly. Since their appearance on the Web, these 2 mighty algorithms have certainly caused quite a stir amongst SEO writers and web developers. If your web page has poor or low quaility content, excessive link spam, content spam or other such issues, then you know what I’m referring to.

While 2011 was the year for the Panda, 2012 belonged to Google Penguin. Adjusted from time to time by the Google team, many are wondering what to expect from them in 2013. Experts in SEO and web designing have taken up the job of predicting what changes and improvements they can expect; and I must say, I’ve been compelled to do the same.

This year, it seems that Google will remain staunch on levelling the playing field for all online retailers, giving every business the same chance of succeeding online. So, it would be logical to expect more frequent updates from both Google Panda and Penguin, as compared to previous years. Also, updates to these algorithms are expected to affect a larger percentage of Google’s search queries, instead of just some minor tweaks that we have seen before.
Many are expecting Goggle to account social media signals as SEO ranking factors. Its about time for SEO to get social with their users, by encourage readers and viewers to like, share, pin and follow your material, making it interactive.

In the coming year, experts predict that marketing channels will continue to mesh together. For example, the way that Google now uses social media signals as SEO ranking factors, so your marketing strategy needs to include multiple channels as well. The Panda & Penguin updates have fundamentally changed the way in which your website is evaluated and ranked by Google, so proceed accordingly.

The Google Panda and Penguin algorithms are far from perfect. There’s plenty of room for improvement where they are concerned.

(Continued…. Read Part 2)

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