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What To Expect from Panda & Penguin in 2013? – Part 2


For 2013, One can only speculate what Google has planned with Panda and Penguin, but it is sure to be an exciting year to be online! With 20/20 hindsight transparency, Google offers plenty of possibilities and opportunities for webmasters willing to follow the rules of fair play. Google continues to make every attempt to level the playing field for all online retailers, big or small, local or national, to give every business the same chance of succeeding online. Here are what we can look forward to –

Well the first prediction is easy – more improvements on the algorithms. There’s plenty of room for improvement where they’re concerned. They have downgraded many SEO’s and their sites to a poor state, which needs to be altered. Though, I’m not saying that Google is entirely to blame for this.

We all know that guest blogging is required to bring in more online visitors, and to increase the rankings of your website. But, some SEO companies have begun abusing this simple link-building strategy. We believe that the next few Google updates in 2013, will target those sites that are taking unfair advantage of guest blogging.

It seems Google might be focusing on social signaling in 2013. Even before Google +, the search engine giant had implied their interest for social signals. If this comes to the forefront in 2013, then it would be a huge boost for the SEO world. Today, every SEO writer knows that quality content and link building won’t get your site top ranking, unless you have a proper audience.
Based on statistics, over 500 changes are made to Google’s algorithms every year! Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUp, Google+ are getting more popular these days. Its likely that Google will focus on factoring such social signals into their SEO-ranking Panda and Penguin algorithms.Even before Google+, the search engine giant had conveyed their interest for social signals.

Lastly, many are expecting Google to announce a new algorithm to their Panda and Penguin duo. If so, then all I expect it to be named after another black and white coloured animal. Can’t help the wishful thinking!

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