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Tips on Effective Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has turned into a parallel world. People spend a lot of their time here. Advertising is important to create awareness, about your brand in the real world, as well as this newly created technological world. The following tips will help you to advertise your brand successfully on Facebook.

STP – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) are the three pillars of advertising. No matter on which platform you are advertising on, the pillars form the base of the entire promotional campaign. Facebook is a universe in its own. Thus, it is easy to get lost on your way, while advertising. Instead of catering to the entire gamut of audience, it is imperative to find your target audience and then cater to their needs.

Facebook Advertisings Optimize – Once you have found the right audience, it is very important to keep them engaged. Today, the number of people who connect to Facebook, through their mobile handsets, has increased tremendously. That point has to be taken into consideration, while placing your advertisements. Positioning smart advertisements under the news feed section can be a lot fruitful, instead of placing them in the traditional right-hand corner. Create offers to keep the audience interested and offer them something very basic, in return for the email addresses. Once you receive their email address, it becomes a lot easier to pitch your product to them.

Scheduling – The time at which the advertisement is showcased, is also instrumental in deciding the number of people watching and responding to it. There is a huge amount of difference between a response to an advertisement posted on a weekend and the one posted on a weekday. Similarly, there is a difference between response generated towards advertisements posted during daytime and during the night.

Tracking – It is not necessary, what worked for a particular product will work for your product as well. It is important to keep a track of the buzz created by your campaign. Once you have the results, you can tweak your strategy accordingly. Return on investment is what the advertisements should generate. Tracking your advertisements will let you know the exact scenario.

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