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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus+, Orkut, Instagram, Pinterest, and all other popular networking sites have one thing in common, apart from their target audience. They all are free and this has led to a potential rise in the subscribers who use them. Invading various mediums for decades, advertisers have now plunged into the pool of networking sites to gather valuable resources that would earn them loyal customers.

Although, writers are well-aware of the use of social media, they fail to create content that is more appropriate for business purposes. Writer’s who write content for social media need to write effective content that captivates the minds of the audience making them share, comment or re-tweet their posts. Below are certain techniques, which will make the best use of the writer’s creativity and make their content productive.Social Media

Keep It Short

Every second, a new post is uploaded in the social media page by various brands. As various brands upload simultaneously, the content you post needs to be effective enough to catch the attention of the user. This means, the shorter the post, the more effective it is. Studies on networking behaviour suggests, that posts which are less than 80 characters receive more interaction than post which are longer. Ideally, the posts you create should be descriptive and should prompt users to make a response.

Initiate Conversations

To boost their online presence and foster their relationship, it is necessary for writers to engage in conversations with their readers. This could be done by making clever posts on topics that stir the interest of their target audience. Writers should respond to the quality suggestions and comments made by the readers, as this shows that they acknowledge the interest of their readers and value their response.

Make The Reader Smile

Smile fosters relationships and helps one make new friends. While using smilies and funny pictures may not have a greater impact on the audience, one can influence the readers by making the best use of their wit. Cracking jokes, using puns and making people smile with words fosters relationship online and makes the users comment and share their opinions.

Make It Shareable

The shorter the posts, the faster they get shared. Everyone loves sharing and when the posts are shorter and to the point. Thus, people find it easier to share. Abbreviations and shortened phrases can boost the sharing of a post. However, avoid using too many abbreviations on a single post as it may seem very unprofessional and difficult for the readers to read.

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