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The Art Of Film Reviewing

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A few years back, one of our professors introduced us to the world of ‘cinema’ with just one sentence. He said, “We Indians love two things to the core. One is MA – our mother; and the other is CineMA.” While critically analyzing a mother’s love and appreciating the same may seem impossible, one can definitely review cinema and appreciate it for its uniqueness. Although India stands apart when it comes to producing feature films, the concept of film reviewing is often misinterpreted.

What is film reviewing?

Film reviewing is not the means of expressing personal views and opinions about a film. It is an art, where one critically analyzes every aspect of the film and appreciates it for its uniqueness, superiority and clarity, while taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the film. The first step towards becoming a film critic, is knowledge. The more films you watch and appreciate, the more you would get acquainted with the task. Film reviewing is more of a critical inspection wherein the critic analyzes and views the film in depth and communicates his views to the audience, interpreting the strengths and flaws of the film in a manner that is best understood by the common man.Filmreviewing

Unfortunately, there exists no legible course offered by universities on film reviewing. Nevertheless, specialized courses which cover global cinema and theater can help one become better film critics. The key to become a better film critic is by learning and experiencing the art of film reviewing in its pure sense, rather than exploring an already established notion. While expression of individual thoughts could make one stand out from the crowd, imitating the style of established critics would make amateurs simply appear as copycats. Although a study of cinema is not essential to become a film critic, it may assist you in understanding the world of cinema in the most intricate way.

The limitless world of cinema

With each day bringing in new films, the world of cinema is boundless and one may take more than a lifetime to review every feature film made. However, its never too late to get started and the best way is by reviewing the classics.

Lastly, write to EXPRESS and not to IMPRESS. People appreciate unique free-flowing unbiased views, rather than superfluous words. So, make sure to keep your reviews simple, unique and to the point.

Hope your reviews about this post start pouring in. Enjoy reviewing. While you’re at it, why don’t you tell us some of the movies, that you would love to review?

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