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Appetite Delight Cafe

The fate of a restaurant depends on the service and the food it offers. If either of them is compromised on, it would spell doom for the success and reputation of the restaurant. Reinforcing the same message, Appetite Delight Cafe was introduced. Appetite Delight Cafe was born out of the dreams of Chef Roy Johnson. He opened the country's first 'Chef's Signature Restaurant' in the summer of 2004 and brought together a vibrant menu, which comprised of different flavours, which were inspired from Mediterranean cuisine.

With his experience, he truly believed that there existed only two kinds of food. Number one that is healthy and tastes good and other being unhealthy food, which delights customers. He chose to be the ambassador of the former and motivated others to follow the path of goodness through his cuisines. His infusion and experimentation resulted in the expansion of his franchise and now he has four cafe outlets, two restaurants and a party catering service, which continues to serve people as per their budget.

While the concept of a signature restaurant may seem new, the foundation of our restaurant revolves around the traditional cooking and servicing techniques. Appetite Delight Cafe follows the footsteps of its owner and his mission was to welcome the customers with healthy food that suppresses hunger and bestows good health. Through our customer’s testimonials, we believe we stand true to it. In fact, we are the only restaurant, which presents sandwiches and salads fresh on ordering.

At Appetite Delight Café, we deliver food that is not only tastes heavenly, but is healthy too. Be it bread, dessert or even spices, Chef Roy Johnson advocates the use of organic and fresh in-house produced ingredients, to create his exclusive signature delights in his restaurants. Even the sauces, fizzes, and ketchups we use are made in our very own bakeries. This means you get the best flavour without any synthetic colours or flavours. Our cuisine is also dairy free, which means you get a true Mediterranean feel in every bite. As all the ingredients used in our dishes are home grown, the authentic flavour and the freshness of the dish is not compromised on.

The specialty of our restaurant is that our service and food will leave a lingering effect on your mind even after you leave. For us, an order of coffee is as important as a banquet. The experience at Appetite Delight will not only tempt your taste-buds, but will prompt you to come for more.

Hope to see you in our cafe.