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Master Shredder

Puzzled as to what to do about the infinite pile of paperwork? Rexel presents a mercury cross cut paper shredder to help you get rid of the dead files and folders. Instead of just dumping the entire load in a filing cabinet, use the modern shredder to eradicate redundant matter. The master shredder gets rid of your trash in an extremely fast and efficient manner. With the use of Rexel's shredder, the paper is shredded into confetti like pieces ensuring higher security. It also reduces the quantity of bulk waste. This shredder has the ability to shred twenty sheets of paper at a time.

The Rexel Mercury shredder shreds your documents into very precise dimensions (4x45mm), this is an exclusive feature and is not offered by its competitors. This feature ensures that the mess is managed in a better way. It also has an additional feature, which caters to shredding of sensitive papers.

Companies often speak about measures to increase their productivity. The Rexel shredder takes this point into account and saves a lot of time. It is very cumbersome to stand over a machine holding sheets of paper, while the machine shreds them. To avoid such a situation and enhance the productivity of the employees, Rexel has designed its shredder in such a way that it doesn't need to be manned. The machine has a front opening and once the paper is fed into it, it functions on its own. Its capacity is about 70 liters at a time and the cutters are sharp enough to shred compact discs and business cards.

The new shredder is eco-friendly too. It has a power saving feature, which enables the machine to switch off automatically after two minutes of non usage. Recyclable waste bags are also optionally available. The shredder is configured in such a manner, that it stops shredding when the waste bin is full.

The shredder is equipped with an LED cool-down indicator and it is also TUC and CE accredited. The company provides 2 years of manufacturer's warranty on the machine, along with 20 years warranty on the cutting head. Its dimensions are 480x434x782mm and it weighs 32.12 kilograms. Overall, the shredder is very compact and user friendly.