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Answer The Call Of Duty

And the wait is over…The most anticipated game of the year has arrived. The Call Of Duty franchise is back with its latest offering: Modern Warfare 2. The game has captured the imagination of every gamer in this world after being launched across all platforms. With its high-end production value, addictive on-line multi player components and extreme blood-spilling combat sequences, the game has managed to surpass its predecessor.

Engaging plot:

A game becomes a classic, when it is backed by a great storyline. Gamers like to know why they are shooting the hell out of someone, a compelling storyline adds to the thrill. The single-player campaign is set five years post its prequel, where the antagonist and his group of nationalists are on a spree of terrorist activities and America's covert attempts to foil this plan only makes things worse. Meanwhile, a British group named Task Force 141 is assigned to counter attack. The player gets to live the lives of three soldiers, one from the Task Force and two from U.S.M.C.


From challenging chase sequences to enthralling escapes, Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2 has it all. The graphics have given due importance and efforts have been made to make the surroundings life like. The entire environment is dark and gritty, which transports the gamer into a world filled with adventure. The missions are very versatile and allow the gamer to be a part of an array of situations ranging from an airport raid to a street shootout. All the above factors make the game play fast paced and interesting. The music by Hans Zimmer compliments the plot and shifts from being pulsating to ominously dark which gets you into the skin of the character.

Customized features:

In addition to the compelling game play, Modern Warfare 2 offers the gamers with additional customized features. The 'Kill Streak' feature allows the gamer to use a predator missile. An advanced version equips the player with a nuke that can annihilate the enemies. They also have a new 'Special Ops' mode, which enables players to engage in a solo or a multi player mission, which is loaded with gunship missions, bomb defuses, sniper tests and other such challenges.

Few sensitive gamers might consider the ruthless carnage involving innocent citizens as a deterrent, but overall the game meets its expectations. For all the game-o-holics this is a target they don't want to miss. Go ahead and answer the Call Of Duty.