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Antiques – Unveiling Mysteries From The Past

The history of antiques can be traced back to the 16 century, when the Europeans and the English figured how significant and scarce the collectibles were. However, it wasn't until the dawn of the 18th Century when Science, Art and Technology prospered and that a new path was paved for antiques to enter the consumer market. Ever since, antiques have achieved a broader spectrum with respect to availability and authenticity, primarily due to:

An Exclusive Pursuit-

Antiques are a tribute to the land's historic culture and art, which have withstood the test of time. They project cultural mysticism and charm and are a testimony to ancient craftsmanship skills. Being rare, antiques are often collected and preserved for thousands of years as souvenirs and a tribute to a bygone era.

Gaining wide growing popularity, antique collections have now set foot in modern times with a massive demand for vintage paintings, exquisite furniture and knowledgeable books. Collectibles like ancient coins, quilts, rugs, porcelain, enamels, glassware, embroideries, designs, postcards, souvenirs, ancient clocks, lampshades etc. have also been introduced into the unique world of antiques.

Maintaining the Allure-

Collecting and maintaining antiques can be quite a tedious task. Collectors however are unperturbed and continue pursuing their passion with unhampered enthusiasm. Presenting one's collection needs adequate space, only then will it do justice to the uniqueness of the antiques. So, if you have a large house, a separate space or studio, you can categorize your antiques and arrange them in a way which gets them noticed. What also matters is the 'feel' of the room. The décor of the room should be such that it complements the displays and adds to its magnificence.

Antiques are delicate and fragile in nature, so severe temperature variations can corrode their originality and purity, rendering them worthless. A wise option is to avoid placing gold, glassware, porcelain near moist or extremely hot areas. Regular dusting, cleaning and polishing of your antiques can keep them vibrant and sparkling for years to come. Although they are of ancient origin, their preservation has to be prioritized above everything else.

Antiques are our connection to different eras of time. They unveil mysteries from the past and tell us about legends and ancient lore. If they are looked after with interest and passion, they will continue to carry their legacy into the future, preserving the past.