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Stay Healthy The Unconventional Way

Doze Off:

When your laptop is subjected to over use and switches off abruptly then the best thing to do is to give it about fifteen minutes to cool down, before switching it back on. Similarly, your body and mind need time to relax, to make sure that the day's events don't get overwhelming. Take a power nap occasionally for fifteen minutes, whether you're stressed out at work, or stuck in a limbo travelling from one point to another (as long as you're not driving, that is!). It is proven that sleep releases endorphins that control your mood and ensures that your body generates energy.

Belt it out:

This might come as a surprise to most of you, but singing is actually an effective way of staying healthy, regardless of whether or not you can sing in tune. Singing improves the flow of oxygen to your brain and other parts of your body, ensuring that they remain vitalised, no matter what you're doing. Other than this, it decreases your stress levels and modulates your blood pressure. So, whether you're in the elevator, in the shower, cooking dinner or just taking a walk around the neighbourhood, sing and express yourself. Live happy and stress free.

Shake it off:

While stress messes around with your psyche, it also manages to settle into your muscles, causing seemingly random aches and pains all over your body. One of the best ways to ensure that you keep stress at bay and literally, is by dancing. Keeping in mind how hectic life is, dancing is something you can incorporate in your schedule, any time of the day. You need not join a gym or go to a hip club to dance. All you need is some peppy music and burn off some fat by grooving to the music irrespective of where you are.

Call in the decorators:

This may require a little time out of your schedule, but only initially. Redecorate your house. Psychologists have proven that the prevalence of different colours can affect your mood and stress levels greatly. For example, the colour red can be used to stimulate the body and mind by increasing the circulation of blood, while yellow calms down one's nerves. Orange is said to be related to the lungs ensuring one's breathing is deep and relaxing. Blue and green shades are associated with helping ward off pain and promote a positive atmosphere, especially if one tends to fall ill often. Similarly, the lighting in your home also greatly contributes to the overall fitness of your mind.

Crunchy Munchies:

Here's the most basic tip to follow in order to stay healthy and fit – eat well. Make sure your food is always cooked, with fresh ingredients and resort to eating leftovers, only if it is absolutely necessary. No matter how late you may be running, always grab a quick bite to eat for breakfast as your body generates the most amount of energy for the day after that meal. Eat fresh fruits regularly and save junk food for the weekend, when it's time to splurge on calories.